Friday, September 14, 2018

FoneMonitor App Review : The first worldwide tool to Monitor The IPhone And Android Phone

  Donald Gavis       Friday, September 14, 2018
We see that owning a phone is a necessity for all people. Children are asking their parents to buy a phone and if your child has a phone, of course, I know that smartphones have many benefits and this is undeniable. And the most negative things about smartphones are the addiction. The parents he tries  To communicate with his son by making a simple telephone call to make sure of their safety and the place they are in, Sometimes phone calls will not be answered. Parents should have a bad feeling about this and wish he could really know at least where the son is located, But after today you will never worry, We found a tool named FoneMonitor, And you will be able to monitor android And monitor iPhone. Let us know the tool.

What is FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor Is a secure and reliable tool that allows you to track a phone's location and monitor all the activities of the target phone remotely and it is a tool that it can only install on Android or iOS device.

Main Features of FoneMonitor

The tool has many features that we will recognize now.

  1. monitor text message: It's a very cool feature that lets you spy and track text messages that reach your smartphone, Both for Android Or iPhone, Which you have targeted for your son or wife, etc.
  2. track GPS location: The tool lets you know in detail the location of your spy or surveillance device and the tool will also tell you about all the tracks.
  3. monitor call logs and check contacts: If you are afraid of your son for calling. This feature will really benefit you. It allows you to find out about all phone calls made by the target phone or even received.
  4. track internet history: This feature really impressed me and is one of the best features that really impressed me if you want to know about all the sites that are being browsed on the phone you are targeting. The tool helps you find out all the URL sites browsed, the time it was browsing, and even the number of times it was browsing.
  5. monitor app activities: From now on you will be able to see all the applications that are used in the target phone and will also be able to know all the applications activities.
  6. monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media apps' messages, photos, videos : Currently there are many social networking applications and using FoneMonitor you will be able to spy on all the social networking accounts in the target phone by seeing all the messages, chat, photos, screenshots of the home page and many important things and this is the most important feature in the application.
  7. Keylogger: This feature allows you to know all the typing of the keyboard on the target phone and you will be shown all the words typed using the keyboard on the phone.
  8. No ROOT and No Jailbreak necessary 

How to Use FoneMonitor?

You will need to create an account in fonemonitor, Then you will need to install the fonemonitor application in your target Android phone Or iPhone or tablet.

Note: If you want to use all the features of the tool, you must purchase a paid version to get all the features.

After creating an account in fonemonitor, You must install the application in the target phone and to find out how, please follow the steps you will find on this page, How to Monitor Android Phone Activities without Rooting?
Download the app :

As you saw in the article application fonemonitor has many wonderful features if you really interested in all those features you should buy a paid copy as a tribute to the efforts of developers and designers application fonemonitor, who will help you a lot.

Note:  It's advertised for parental controls and employer legal using. Most of the users are young couples that use it to monitor their partner, we suggest them to use it after getting permission from their spouse.


Thanks for reading FoneMonitor App Review : The first worldwide tool to Monitor The IPhone And Android Phone

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